"Ryukyu-Shiryo" supplies all kinds of feed,
fresh eggs and pork,
and everything related to livestock farming.

From the production and sale of fresh and safe compound feed to the management of poultry farms and pig farms,
we deliver eggs and Agu-pigs from Okinawa to Japan and the world.

Our business

  • Manufacture and sale of compound feeds

    We have been manufacturing and selling compound feed for poultry and pork since 1971.
    The products we produce are shipped to farmers on the mainland and outlying islands of Okinawa.
    We support livestock farmers by providing them with safe and reliable feed.

  • Poultry farm management and egg sales business

    We sell eggs produced on our own and contract farms.The eggs are washed and managed in our own GP centre, which has been certified for food safety standards, and are delivered fresh to our customers.

  • Pig farm management and pork sales

    We sell pork from our own farms and contract farms. Our own brand of Agu meat, "Ryukyu crossbred pig Agu", is an excellent product which is fed with special feed on designated farms.

Manufacture and sale of compound feeds

Our head office and factory in Minato river produce and sell feed for egg-laying hens and pigs.

  • Selected raw materials

    We receive carefully selected raw materials from all over the world.
    Main raw materials: maize, rice, soybean oil cake, etc.

    Utilization of food by-products and food loss

    We use by-products from the production of food products such as soya oil meal, rice bran and bran as part of our formula feed ingredients.
    We also aim to achieve an environmentally friendly recycling society by making appropriate and positive use of food losses generated in Japan.

  • Production process

    For safe and reliable formula feed

    Since the establishment of the company in 1968, Ryukyu-Shiryo has been renovating and expanding its facilities and has been approved as a mash and crumble feed plant.
    Compound feeds are produced at our main factory through grinding, mixing and processing.
    Each process is mechanised and high quality formula feed is produced under strict hygiene control.

  • From storage to shipping

    Storage capacity of up to 1000t

    At Ryukyu-Shiryo, we have facilities capable of storing approximately 1000 tons of product to answer all our customers' requirements.
    From storage to shipping, we do it quickly and carefully, and we ship our products by tanker, flexible container bag or paper bag.

Poultry farm management and egg sales business

  • High quality eggs

    The eggs are of high quality and are produced by healthy hens under the best feed and breeding conditions at Ryukyu-Shiryo's own poultry farms and contract farms.

    Eggs with great taste and richness

    Our fresh eggs are safe, tasty and full of flavour.

  • Safe eggs for domestic and international markets

    We have obtained JFS-B certification on 16 April 2021. Our products are packed and inspected in a hygienic factory, so you can rest assured that they will be delivered to you.

    Eggs that are highly regarded abroad

    Our eggs are exported not only to Japan but also to Singapore,Hong Kong and many other Asian countries, where they are highly regarded as safe, fresh and tasty.

    Export to Singapore

    The eggs produced at Sesoko Poultry Farm, a contracted farm, are fed with a unique formula feed and are served at the local Okinawa egg shop "Tamagoen" (Engroup Okinawa Co., Ltd.) in Singapore as egg rice, dashi maki egg, etc.

Pig farm management and pork sales

  • Sweet and full-bodied deep-flavoured Agu-pork

    Ryukyu-Shiryo operates a pig farm on the main island of Okinawa.
    We feed our pigs with feed that is suitable for the climate of Okinawa, and produce pigs with better meat quality, which we deliver to restaurants and tables in Okinawa Prefecture.

    Our own brand "Ryukyu crossbred pig Agu".

    Our "Ryukyu crossbred pig Agu" is managed by professional feed formulators.This feed is blended with natural nutrients, organic acids and amino acids to bring out the best sweetness and richness in the meat.Please try our healthy and reliable Ryukyu crossbred pig Agu, which we raise with deep affection for each and every animal.

About us


Company name Ryukyu-Shiryo Pte Ltd
Establishment 11 May 1968
No. of employees 95
Capital 85,766,000 yen
Head office location 495-3, Minatogawa, Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan
Representative Chairman & CEO Shigeru Gushiken
President & CEO Hidetoshi Sakihama,
Our business Manufacture and sale of compound feeds
Poultry farm management and egg sales business
Pig farm management and pork sales

Board Member

Board of Directors UEZU YASUHIDE
Statutory auditors GUSHIKEN YASUNORI

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